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So, what’s the deal with wedding hashtags?!

It seems like as soon as an engagement hits, all of your friends are asking about that perfect, funny little phrase that labels your whole wedding.

Truth time: it can cause a lot of pressure.

But don’t worry friend, I have all of the info to help you ease any jitters and help you create a tag that will wow everyone! In this blog I will cover:

- how to create one

- why to have one

- everything else you need to know to do it right

How to create one

1. Gather Information

  • start with your first and last names

  • date of the wedding

  • name of the venue

  • theme or wedding style

2. Get Some Inspiration

3. Think of Wedding Puns or Name Puns

4. Make a List

5. Hashtag Generators

  • Be careful with these, because they can get a little generic, or give you ones that have been used before, which we are about to cover *cough* *cough*

6. Narrow it Down

  • Is it memorable?

  • Is it short enough that people will use it?

  • Are all words easy to spell?

  • Will there be misspelling mishaps?

  • Is it available on Insta?

7. Make Sure it is Unique

  • Check the hashtag on Instagram to make sure no one else is using it already, if that kind of thing is important to you

Why to have a hashtag

  • From engagement photos to the bachelorette party and the big day with a personal hashtag so everyone can share and see and remember all the special moments.

  • It provides a way to organize every photo in one place

  • People who can’t attend the wedding can see all the photos in real time


  • Capitalize the first letter of each word

  • Avoid things that can be easily misspelled, minus your names because those will be posted everywhere, so guests shouldn't have too hard of a time with it

  • Spread the word: make sure you have your tag easily accessible to guests on their invitation, save the dates, the reception, in big neon letters, sky writing... You, know, the usual stuff.

Thanks so much for reading! Until next week!

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