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Wedding Altars I Love

Wedding altar trends are ever-changing. With most modern weddings taking place outside or at all inclusive venues rather than religious buildings, couples have so much more freedom to make a personal statement with their altar.

Your arbor can say a lot about the theme for your weddings, as well as match the decor and invitations, so picking a 'gram worthy backdrop can also make your wedding pictures POP! Take a look at my 12 favorite chic and unique altars to get some inspo for your special day! I've included the links to help in your search!

1. Geometric Shapes

2. Infinity Circles

3. Wistful Chiffon

4. Hexagon

5. Flowers on Flowers

6. Seeing Double Shapes

7. Incorporating Scenery

8. Macramé

9. Tipi

10. Starburst

11. Triangles

12. Pampas Grass

Much love!


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