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Top 3 Outfit Tips For A Dreamy Engagement Session

Bippity-boppity-boo! I am here as your style fairy to give your the inside scoop on how to have the dreamiest engagement session.

The fancier the better

Engagement photos mark a milestone in your life. Just like that New Year's party has a specific 1920s black tie attire, your engagement photos should stand out from the rest by wearing higher class get-ups.

You wouldn't show up to your college graduation in a track suit, so don't show up to your engagement session in a less than stellar outfit either.

Don't worry we will have fun and live life large, the clothes don't change that, but looking your best will go a long way to creating photos that will be treasured for a lifetime.

Create a color palette, and don't be matchy Matchy

Have you ever wondered how couples in magazines look effortless and perfectly complimentary all at the same time? This is it.

When the outfits are two matchy-matchy it looks staged and takes the magic out of the day. The best way to do this right is to create a color palette and look in your closets for colors that work with what you are thinking.

What we're trying to avoid is showing up for session in matching white t-shirts and jeans. If you can take care of the outfits, I'll take care of the rest!

A great rule of thumb is to pick one or two main colors and fill in the rest with neutrals. In this photo, Evan and Dani, have a color palette featuring mustard yellow and navy. They paired these complimetnary colors with white and warm brown accents in their shoes.

Choose muted tones

A lot of creating beautiful photos depends on the colors you pick.

Muted colors achieve the beautiful look you have come to know and love all over the Ashten Weddings website and other media accounts. Some simple rules to help you stay on track:

- Avoid neons

- Stay away from bright or jewel tone colors like cherry red, royal blue, emerald green or royal purple.

***Also be careful of prints. Anything too busy detracks from the point of your photos- your love story! And stripes are always a no-go. They look super strange on camera!

Until next time,


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