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How To Get Him Excited For Engagement

It is not uncommon for grooms to come to an engagement session a little disenchanted.  Listen, I get it, there are 1 million things they would rather do. However, these seven tips on how you can change their mind about the engagement session will help you guys get great photos and have the time of your life.

1. Tell Him There is a Lot of Kissing The part of sessions guys never think of is that the photographer is wanting to capture the essence and love of your relationship. That involves a lot of kissing and sweet cuddles. This often helps guys loosen up and realize this could be actually kinda fun.

2. Consider Bringing a Bottle of Champagne A lot of grooms have a hard time relaxing during the session. Having a little bubbly on hand can lighten the mood and even add to your session. Fun photos opening up a champagne bottle are perfectly fitting to celebrate your engagement on save the dates and more.

3. Plan Something Fun After You will already be dressed up. Think of this as a time to do something fun he will love doing. Go to a fancy dinner or grab drinks at a classy rooftop bar. Even a concert, sporting event, or a matinee show can help everyone relax after a session and bring the day to a perfect close.

4. Have a Conversation Explain why this is important to you. It could be you need the photos for save the dates, rehearsal dinner decorations, that it will help them warm up to the photographer, prepare for great wedding photos, or that you want to remember this important milestone in both your lives. Whatever it is, telling him the “why” behind what makes you want to get engagement photos done could be the key to him understanding and getting on board with the session.

5. Remember to Eat Before Photos are just no fun when you're hungry. I recommend grabbing a light meal or something to curb your sweet tooth before your session so you can relax and avoid all possibilities of being hangry.

PS: Teasing in a pair of honeymoon lingerie never hurt anybody either!

I hope this helps, friends!  Just know that I do everything in my power to make your experience unbelievable. If you can get your guy to show up with an open mind, I will take care of the rest! 

Until next time!


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