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Destination Engagement Session Bucket List

When I first decided wedding photography was my primary focus, I spent a lot of time dreaming up the most epic and lovely engagement session locations. Now, all these years later, I have compiled them into my a destination bucket list.

If you want an epic engagement photos, take a look at the list and see if one of my fan favorites will create the engagement session of your dreams!

● Sailboats

● Rowboat on a pond

● Mountain hike

● Ocean oasis

● Bike ride

● Parking garage rooftop

● Road trip

● Homemade picnic

● Fancy tree swing

● Salt plains

● Cityscape

● Ferris wheel

● Swimming

● Waterfall

● Hot air balloons

● Eiffel tower

● Desert

● Snowy day

● Ice castles

● Grand Canyon

● Rocks on the coast

● Forest fantasy

● Rainy Sunday morning

● Greenhouse

● Hammocking

● Romantic bath

● Sweet snuggles

● Christmas tree farm

● Pumpkin patch

Until next time!


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