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Couple's Guide on Dressing for Engagement Session

The age-old question in photo session prepping is, “What do I wear?”

I totally get it, and I’m here to help! This guide goes in depth for both guys and gals so you know exactly how to do this like a pro. First, let’s get some things straight.

Engagement is a milestone in life we want to celebrate to the fullest. You might not have thought about it long term, but one day, these are the photos you will show your grandkids. Channel your inner glam-ma and make sure you and your guy look your best.

Ashten Weddings engagement sessions include two outfits. I advise couples to bring one cocktail attire outfit, and one black tie outfit. In this guide, I’ll go through what your options are to accomplish these and look "easy, breezy, beautiful!"


Sweater Style

If he likes the preppy look, sweaters are a great option. Especially if it's a little chilly outside for a fall or winter session!

Classic Black Suit

This look has all the James Bond vibes, and feel free to use that reference to get him on board with wearing it!

Mix and Match

Mixing a sports jacket with a more casual look is a great way to had variety to your style and session!

Preppy Khahki

This is a great look if you are planning a bright or dark color to wear! Balance everything out with some lighter, muted tones for your man!

Add a Tie

This look works with just the button down and slacks, but give it a little extra with a tie.

Textured Suit

Texture shows up beautifully on camera. If you have a tailored, textured suit for your guy, pull it out and match what you want to wear around him. Trust me, it will be fabulous!

Chinos, if you're going casual

I believe the fancier the better to create a dreamy session you will treasure for years. But if you do want to go more casual, here's the inside scoop on how to do it! Head to Banana Republic and grab some chinos he will love. This is great for your first outfit of the session. But let's still go epic with our lives and bring something fancy for round two!


These are making a come back and ranking high on the fashion scale too! Add some suspenders if your guy is not about the jacket or to channel those dreamy "The Notebook" vibes.

Remember the Belt

I can't tell you how many times a guy shows up to session with no belt! ** Face Palm ** Remember the belt to add some extra polish to his look. Plus your mother-in-law will thank you, and we all want to stay on the right side of that relationship.

Happy Styling!

XO, Ashten

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