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My Story

I'm a Oklahoma City wedding photographer who decided to dream big and build a premiere wedding biz.  I love naps, cheesecake, making healthy yummy meals, and adventuring around the world.  My mission? To support love stories that turn into strong marriages.

You can find me curled up in a cozy blanket, with Netflix on, a slice of cheesecake next to me, editing photos from my latest dreamy session or surrounded by clipboards with RSVP's and vendor contacts, organizing all the wedding things.

If you're getting married and consider yourself a fashion forward chica who loves her groom more than anything and always wears a joyful smile on her face, you are my kind of bride!  I want to help you live your best life on wedding day.

Nothing makes me happier than preserving memories of the happiest day of your life in a completely stress free environment.  I have systems in place for photography that cover everything from the perfect location and how to pose when you get there.  I also plan ahead for wedding planning so we have a contingency plan for all the things that could possibly happen.


I currently live outside Oklahoma City with my husband, Austin. We are a military family so I’m hoping I can keep this page updated, ‘cause it seems like we move every .2 seconds. But if that’s what it takes to live my best life in this love story, I am so down. We will do anything to be together.  I even flew to see him half a world away when he was on deployment! That being said, I’m basically a citizen of earth rather than one specific state, so I’m always down to catch a plane and  make your wedding dreams come true no matter where you lay your head. 


Why My Job Matters

I truly realized how important my job is when I had coffee with a friend.  We were talking about life, and business and my wedding planning.  I started sharing how it was going to be hard for me to pick a wedding photographer when I have cultivated such a specific brand and style that I also want my wedding photos to emulate.  I was shocked at her response.  She warned me to pick someone carefully because she hated her wedding photos.  She hated her facial expression, what her hair was doing, the background, the light.  Everything about them.  In fact, her negative connotations run so deep, her three kids have never even seen the photos, because she is ashamed to have them up in the house.


When I went home, I hopped on Google and learned this is the case for many brides.  In fact, close to 40% of people don’t like their wedding photos. 


So, I set out to do better, be better and make sure my clients feel proud of their wedding because they have great photos to their special day by.  This conversation spurred me to create my proven systems so you can rest easy knowing every decision has been made strategically and so you will look and feel your best.  Everything from the background locations I choose to how to pose down to your pinky finger ensures your photos are something you will love!

What to know

Hi, I'm Ashten


Hi, friend!  I'm a hugger, so I hope you can feel the massive virtual bear arms wrapping you up via the interwebs!

I started taking photos for families when I was a freshman in college.  What started as a desire to up my insta game quickly turned into a meaningful way to serve families and now couples on the best day of their lives.

I am obsessed with systems!  I have one for every pose, every lighting scenario and every beautiful moment that will be accounted for on your special day.  You know when I'm  your side, every hair will be tucked and every hanger strap safely hidden.

I am also the organized details gal who makes everything run on time.  In other words, I'm a control freak to Monica Geller-Bing caliber.  Watch out, you will get THE BEST photos in the most efficient time. 

My organization also comes in handy to create a beautiful custom timeline for every client so you and your bridal party always know what's coming on your wedding day!

Five things about Me
I've been dubbed the nap queen by my husband and it is completely warranted!  I just can't live without my favorite pass time - siestas! 
Hermione Granger is my spirit animal.  I also feel most at home in my kitchen and when I travel, miss cooking before even my favorite pair of fuzzy socks! 
I love my family and friends with a fiery passion but if someone deletes the Tiny House TV shows off the DVR their will be hell to pay!  
I'm a cheesescake-aholic and the way to my heart is quite literally through those tasty pies! 
I'm married to the hunkiest Army soldier who I've quite literally traveled half way across the earth to be with!  No matter where he goes in the world, I'd move heaven and earth to be with him.  He's my lobster! 

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I'm Ashten, the lead photographer around here. I created Ashten Weddings to deliver premiere wedding photography services in OKC. 

I love naps, traveling the world, and the challenge of making Julia Child - level food healthy! My mission? To support love stories that turn into strong marriages.

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